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Wed, 23 Sep, 2015 12:26:52 AM
Sipilä, Merkel discuss refugees issue in Berlin
FTimes Report, Sep 23

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä on Tuesday held the European Union responsible for not playing quick role to face the ongoing refugees crisis.

He made the observation at a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin while discussing the European migration crisis, said an official press release.

“The situation has become dramatic as the EU is not acting fast enough. The EU countries must immediately implement the decisions and agreements that we have earlier made,” said the Prime Minister who hopped that the EU heads of the member states of EU  will make this commitment  its meeting scheduled to be held in in  Brussels on Wednesday.

Sipilä emphasised that illegal migration flows must be brought under control as soon as possible. Camps should be established near the crisis regions so that the people in need could wait for their asylum decisions under humane conditions.

At the moment, people smugglers are exploiting those in danger and too many in need of help are risking their lives in trying to reach safety.

“The crisis is affecting the whole Europe and we must find a European solution to the situation. Germany has set a good example and showed both solidarity and responsibility,” said the Prime Minister.

“ It is important that the home affairs ministers reach agreement on burden sharing in Brussels today (Tuesday). Finland is ready to bear its share of the responsibility,” Sipilä added.

During their meeting,  Sipilä and  Merkel also discussed economic and employment issues, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, and security issues.

Sipilä's visit to Berlin also included meetings with German economic policy experts.

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