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Wed, 23 Sep, 2015 02:01:32 AM
Registration centre opens at Tornio
FTimes – STT Report, Sep 23
Tornio opened center for asylum seekers arrangement which arrived on Tuesday, 22 September 2015, the day a little more than 300 asylum-seekers. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The Finnish authority on Tuesday introduced registration at Finland-Sweden border in Tornio to handle the intake of asylum seekers as well as providing security and protection for the area and guidance for the refugees.
The courtyard of the Tornio grammar school was full Tuesday morning of police officers, border guards and people from the Immigration Agency.
The temporary centre for asylum seekers has opened in the leftover high school building.
The entrances were monitored by three guards standing in the rain.
"The situation is very calm. The operation has started, and the first forty refugees have arrived," said Detective Chief Inspector Janne Koskela.
Koskela said that the Tornio facility is prepared to receive hundreds of asylum seekers per day.
 Bus travel from the Swedish side of the border is guided directly to the centre, where everyone has to register prior to transition to other parts of Finland.
"Now we will follow the impact of setting up the centre. It may be that things change from one moment to another," the Inspector said.
By 6.00 pm Tuesday evening saw the centre receiving more than 300 asylum seekers, of whom about 60 had enough time to register.
The centre’s information systems, however, encountered technical problems, which is one reason the police streamlined applications for processing.
Applications for asylum are submitted quickly, and the seekers receive food and shelter in shifts.
Officials are trying to shift the asylum seekers from the temporary centre to actual reception centres within a few days of arrival.
"This is the fastest way to getting your case heard. This operation, of course, requires staff."
National Police Board Inspector Mia Poutanen says that police officers from all over Finland have come to Tornio to assist.
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