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Home NATIONALRefugee influx from Sweden ebbs on Monday
Tue, 06 Oct, 2015 12:01:56 AM
Moped riders report themselves to police in Kontiolahti
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 6
The police were not able to say why the number was less than in the previous week.
A total of 570 asylum seekers arrived in Tornio on Saturday.
There are many families among the registered asylum seekers.
After being registered at the Tornio registration centre the refugees continue their journey to the reception centres.
According to the police, several buses were departing from Tornio to reception centres.
In total, around 19,000 asylum seekers have been registered since the turn of the year.
Meanwhile, the police have said several moped riders who on Saturday evening raced through a group of asylum seekers in Kontiolahti, north Karelia have reported themselves to the police.
A group of around 10 moped riders caused disturbance in the yard of the asylum reception centre located in former garrison areas.
The riders sped through a group of asylum seekers, but the police said no one was injured.
Later, the moped riders still raced at the scene despite the presence of police patrol which had been alerted to the incident.
A boy who appeared in a photo posted by the police on Facebook first gave himself up to the police. Later, others in the group followed suit. 
The Joensuu police multidisciplinary team is scheduled to call young people for questioning in the coming days
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