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Tue, 06 Oct, 2015 12:03:04 AM
Setting up 10 more asylum reception centres under consideration
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 6
Managing director of Pihlajalinna Mikko Wiren. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Pihlajalinna is opening three reception centres for asylum seekers, the social and health services company said in a stock exchange release on Monday. 
The first two will be opened on Wednesday and the third on October 12.
The company will open centres in Satakunta’s Kokemäki, Hämeenlinna, and in Pirkanmaa’s Kihniö. 
The managing director of the company, Mikko Wiren told the Finnish language newspaper Keskisuomalainen that they are also considering setting up about 10 other centres.
According to the company, the three reception centres will be capable of accommodating at least 350 refugees in the early stages.
A new refugees reception centre opened at former K-institute premises on Monday. Photo Lehtikuva.
In line with Pihjalalinna’s business expansion, the reception centre activities have significant synergies with its existing social service provisions in cities where it is already established, the company authorities explained.
Pihlajalinna on Sunday agreed to establish the reception centres in conjunction with the Finnish Immigration Service.
Pihlajalinna was listed on the stock exchange in June.
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