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Tue, 06 Oct, 2015 12:05:34 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 6
Helsinki District Court has begun the hearing of case of abduction plan against a convict of murder case on Monday, October 5 2015. Photo – Lehtikuva.
A man previously convicted of a grisly murder in Tallinn was preparing to abduct a rich Finnish person in the early spring, according to a prosecutor. 
According to the indictment, the suspect had told his plans to another man.
His intention was to kidnap someone very wealthy and then steal money using a bank card’s PIN.
In the man’s home, a criminal investigation uncovered handcuffs, cable ties, rope, two balaclavas, adult diapers, and a number of weapons and ammunition. 
According to the preliminary investigation, the man had charted out Finnish high-income earners through newspaper articles and other means, as well as studied Bentley and Porsche car owner information.
Prosecutor Eija Velitski said the targets for his aggravated homicide or crimes against health had not yet been chosen when the police took the man in April on suspicion of fraud.
“The targets could have been more than one person. Their names are known,” Velitski said during a recess in the trail in the Helsinki District Court on Monday.
According to Velitski, it is useless to speculate on whom among the targets, in the end, would have been chosen.
The man, now in his 30s, has been accused of preparing to commit a serious crime and was previously sentenced to 12 years in prison for violently murdering his business partner.
The defence lawyer completely denied the prosecution’s allegations that the defendant was preparing for a kidnapping.
According to the defence, only one of the weapons belonged to the accused and that was a broken submachine gun. 
The accused during the pre-trial investigation said the other weapons, including a pistol and a rifle, belonged to a Russian named Sasha.
The handcuffs, napkins, diapers, artificial beards and moustaches, according to the defence, are all related to “adult activities”, not violence.
“He has a colourful personality,” defence lawyer Mika Ylönen said in court.
The man himself made a brief comment directly on the instruments during questioning, “I bought these in order to play.”
According to his attorney, Ylönen, the instruments were not intended for criminal use.
“You can kill with even a pillow. Every one of these items has a natural and casual reason for being in the man’s home… There were no targets or plan. And he didn’t speak of this to anyone, because there’s nothing to speak of,” Ylönen said.
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