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Sun, 20 Dec, 2015 01:13:34 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Dec 20

Two men were fleeing from police in a stolen car in Kouvola on Saturday. The fugitives’ journey did not end until the police laid out a spike mat.

A police patrol had gone to investigate a reported stolen car on Laidunkuja when the patrol reported seeing the car in traffic.

The patrol car caught up to the stolen car in Valkealanväylä, but the driver punched the gas and fled. Eventually, a number of patrol cars were chasing the stolen car.

Eventually, the fugitives’ flight was ended by a spike mat on Puhjonsalmentie. The driver and the passenger tried to escape on foot, but both were captured in the vicinity of the car.

Both men are suspected of, among other things, car theft and using drugs. Additionally, the driver of the car is suspected of felony, reckless driving, drunk driving and operating a car without permission.

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