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Mon, 21 Dec, 2015 12:04:23 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Dec 21
A previous event at the Kaisaniemi park the where the stabbing took place. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Two men were stabbed on Friday night in the Kaisaniemi Park in Helsinki.
The injuries of one of the victims required medical treatment while the other victim escaped with less severe injuries, said the police.
The incident happened near a restaurant and there were many people at the scene.
“Two men were embroiled in a conflict and as a result one used a sharp weapon. The other men suffered multiple cuts from the sharp object, and a lot of blood leaked,” lead investigator Mikko Halme told the news agency STT.
A third person, a man who intervened in the dispute, was also injured.
The perpetrator fled the scene immediately.
The police arrested three men on Saturday and their involvement in the incident is under investigation.
The investigation is hampered by language barrier since the majority of the men involved do not speak Finnish as their native language.
The stabbing incident was first reported by a Finnish language tabloid, Iltalehti.
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