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Wed, 23 Dec, 2015 12:04:02 AM
FTimes – STT-Xinhua Report, Dec 23

The Finnish Defence Forces is considering to relax its standards on the appearance and dress of servicemen, reported the Finnish language daily Keskisuomalainen.

The army is taking into account different ethnic groups, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

The guidance on the behaviour of professional soldiers during their leisure time will also be clarified.

Defence Forces Command Chief Brigadier General Kim Mattson told the newspaper that changes will be recorded into the reformed statutes of service next year.

“The number of conscripts and soldiers from different ethnic backgrounds is steadily increasing. Now is a good time to look at whether they represent a justifiable reason to depart from the standard dress code,” Mattson said.

At present, men must have their hair short and neatly combed, as well as a cleanshaven face. There is no limit on a woman’s hair length.

News Agency Xinhua adds: The current law prohibits “being obviously drunk in military area or public place or making noise or otherwise causing consternation.” The chairman of the Officers Union,Lieutenant Colonel JariRantala told the Keskisuomalainenthat the Defence Forces could also say what is allowed instead of saying only what is not.

The limits of behaviour made news last spring when a professional air force soldier appeared naked in a television dating show.

He was not punished as he had asked for and obtained permission from his superiors. But the air force said “such behaviour was not compatible with the duties or behaviour of a professional soldier.”

Finland has a national conscription system that requires active duty between six months and a year. Conscripts can use civilian clothing on leave.

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