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Sat, 02 Jan, 2016 12:08:18 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 2
The New Year fireworks at Senate Square in Helsinki on 31 December 2015. Photo – Lehtikuva.
At least 18 people sustained eye injuries, three of them critically in fireworks shooting during the New Year celebration across the country late Thursday and early Friday nights.
The majority of injured rushed to the Helsinki eye clinic where nine people were given medica-tion by Friday evening, hospital sources said.
Three of the patients, who suffered severe wounds, were facing danger in eyesight.
The majority of patients were men of whom four had shot fireworks while drunk.
In Helsinki, most of the injuries resulted from rockets, while some injuries were caused by other types of crackers. 
A four-year old boy got a slight contusion when cracker exploded at nearby area. The boy had fireworks goggles but they were already removed when the accident happened.
A man in his thirties got eye-surface injury when a defective cracker immediately exploded and set the man's hair, beard and clothing on fire. 
A 26-year-old man was injured on the eye and ear when he shot a rocket from his hand.
The Oulu University Hospital treated four cases of eye injuries overnight, three cases were treat-ed at Kuopio University Centre Hospital and five cases in Tampere.
The weather seemed to have an effect on the number of eye injuries since in the past it is evident that more eye injuries occur when the weather outside is nice.
The fireworks also caused other forms of injuries beside eye injuries. Rockets fired caused fire outbreaks in some instances as well as hand injuries.
Injuries caused by shooting of fireworks have been on the decline in the 2000s.
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