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Wed, 10 Feb, 2016 01:33:47 AM
3 accused of gang rape in southern Finland
FTimes- Xinhua- STT Report, Feb 10
Three men reportedly gang raped a man and caused fatal injury to him in Espoo, southern Finland, reported news agency Xinhua quoting local media on Tuesday.
The reported crime took place in April last year. The victim was put in a car and driven to a remote area, where he was raped and hit by a metal pipe on the head.
The brutal violence lasted for five to six hours, according to the Finnish daily Iltalehti. The accused also called the victim's mother and had threatened more violence to her son if she did not transfer euro 2,000 (2,262.44 US dollars) to their bank account.
The three accused were charged in the Espoo District Court in January 2016. They were accused of aggravated rape, robbery, deprivation of liberty, extortion and assault.
Meanwhile, the District Court of South Karelia on Tuesday sentenced a man to three years and two months in prison for sexual offenses against a 13-year-old girl, reported news agency STT. 
According to the court’s public report, the man from Lappeenranta made the girl drunk and raped her.
There were several incidents of sexual misconduct.
The 32-year-old convict was found guilty of aggravated child sexual abuse and rape. In addition, he was sentenced to pay the victim euro 17,000 in compensation.
The man himself admitted to the sexual abuse but denied the rape allegations.
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