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Sat, 13 Feb, 2016 01:51:41 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Feb 13

Nine police officers and one secretary attached to the Oulu police department were charged with misconduct in office.

The police officers and the secretary are suspected of unjustifiably viewing notification of investigation in January-February last year.

The notification of investigation was related to the death of a retired police officer which had resulted from a traffic accident.

The district prosecutor Sini Paavola has demanded the accused to be fined.

All the suspects with the exception of one have denied the allegations, said the Oulu Office of the Prosecutor.

The pre-trial investigation was aimed at establishing whether the 13 police officers and 2 secretaries who had viewed the information had done so unjustifiably.

There was, however, no probable cause to support the incrimination of four police officers and one secretary.

The trial will be held at the District Courts of Oulu, Kainuu and Ylivieska-Raahe.

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