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Sun, 14 Feb, 2016 12:02:25 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 14
Paavo Väyrynen. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Member of European Parliament Paavo Väyrynen, who recently announced forming a new political party named Kansalaispuolue (Citizens Party), believes that Finland should call for early parliamentary elections. 
Väyrynen wrote in his blog that the economic and foreign policies of the current Finnish government lack political legitimacy. 
According to Väyrynen, it’s not right to allow those policies to continue for three more years.
“The worst thing, however, is that the government is eroding Finland’s military non-alignment [policy], and is bringing Finland’s armed forces into the NATO alliance,” Väyrynen wrote.
Väyrynen recently decided to leave the Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party), the largest component of the three-party alliance government, and to form his own political party, Kansalaispuolue. 
He is still in the Keskusta. According to him, Kansalaispuolue will begin acquiring and training candidates as soon as it is registered. Supporter cards are currently being collected.
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