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Wed, 17 Feb, 2016 01:10:05 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Feb 17
Suspected criminal was killed in police fire in the house in Tuusula on Tuesday. Photo Lehtikuva.
A suspected criminal was gunned down by the police in Tuusula on Tuesday morning.
The police said the incident took place at about 3.00am when a group of police patrols rushed to a block of flats in the Riihikallio district of Tuusula to arrest the stabbing incident suspect. 
Police shot the man with an official firearm and he died on the spot. He was 36.
According to the leading investigator, District Prosecutor Heikki Wendorf, three police patrols, or six officers, were involved in the operation to arrest the suspect. 
Wendorf said, “Criminal suspicion of the police has not yet been ruled out. The aim of the investigation is to obtain an overall assessment of the situation and to determine whether the police actions were correct.” 
According to Wendorf, there’s still a lot to figure out in the course of events. In his view, it is still inconclusive whether the suspect carried a firearm or a knife.
“He definitely wasn’t empty-handed,” said Wendorf.
Cops from the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department were dispatched to catch the suspect. The use of the firearm is being investigated by the Helsinki Police Department under the leadership of Wendorf.
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