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Sun, 17 Apr, 2016 01:37:40 AM
Maintaining indoor air condition
FTimes-STT Report, Apr 17
One possible solution of the problem is adopting a lifecycle model, a growing trend in public procurement.
In a lifecycle model, the municipality makes a long-term contract with a service provider, for example a construction company, for maintaining the air condition of the premises. 
This would often be a decades-long project, relieving the municipality of the responsibility for resolving any possible problem.
This model has been adopted in various projects in Oulu, Espoo, Tampere, Mikkeli, and Seinäjoki, with more to come.
The Oulainen Kastelli community centre Director and Kastelli school Principal Timo Salmi said the lifecycle model has attracted a broad interest.
“We regularly get visitors from elsewhere in Finland and abroad, from as far away as Asia,” Salmi said. “This week, we’ve had visitors from, for example, Sodankylä, Kalajoki, and the Netherlands.” 
File Photo Lehtikuva.
After a long political debate, the Kastelli community centre has decided to adopt the lifecycle model. 
The building acts as a primary and secondary school, a high school, library, a youth centre, and a day-care centre. The doors were opened in 2014.
The lifecycle model was developed by realtor Lemminkäinen over a 25 years period. It includes facility management, cleaning, catering, and administration services.
In Espoo, a number of health centres have adopted the lifecycle model. 
The projects have also considered further use of the buildings after the end of the contracts. For example, the Kilo health and social services centre could later be changed into commercial offices.
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