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Thu, 09 Jun, 2016 01:37:17 AM
FTimes- STT Report, June 9
File Photo Lehtikuva.
The North Karelia District Court on Wednesday fined two police officers for the so-called “Auer Peeking” case. 
According to the verdict, the officers were searching the police information system with Anneli Auer’s name without legitimate reasons in the autumn of 2011. 
Auer was imprisoned at the time on suspicion of aggravated sexual offences against children and other crimes.
According to the court, one of the police officers got a listing of investigations involving Auer, and he received it from the police information system in Joensuu. Some of the messages have been encrypted, and they remained unread.
“The police officers gave in no way a credible explanation [for the searching of police information] in relation to their duties,” the court said.
The police officer working in Nurmes sought information from another system, though his duties, according to the court, did not include the handling of such information.
“[The convicted police officers] acknowledged in multiple ways their guilt during the pre-trial investigation and to the court. Written evidence and other information support those acknowledgements,” the court said in its reasoning.
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