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Fri, 22 Jul, 2016 02:12:20 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Jul 22
File Photo Lehtikuva.
A man from Oulainen had almost lost 73,000 euros to a suspected scam on a Finnish dating website, said the police. 
The man was contacted by a person allegedly from Ghana and had further email discussions with a person who presented himself or herself as a Ghanaian woman.
According to the police, the woman’s messages were translated first through Google Translate. She gave the impression that she had received an inheritance of 65 kilograms of gold, which she would like to bring to Finland. 
The woman said the gold would be divided equally between the Finnish man and her, and that the woman’s lawyer was also involved in the distribution of the funds. 
The man received a document via email as evidence of the distribution of the money.
The man first had to send money to Ghana for a passport, visa, airline tickets, and the freight charges for the gold.
The Ghanaian woman indicated that she was on her way to Finland, but said she had been forced to leave the gold with the customs. 
In order to transport the gold, she would have to pay taxes and a courier fee, for which she needed more money. So the Finnish man sent, according to the police, a number of remittances totalling 73,000 euros.
The man finally began to suspect a hoax and contacted the Oulu police. The lead investigating officer Detective Superintendent Tapani Tasanto said the money had already gotten as far as France.
“We contacted the Finnish bank. International payments are not instantaneous. So we got most of the money stopped first and then restored [to his accounts],” Tasanto said.
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