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Sun, 28 Aug, 2016 12:03:43 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 28
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
A man is accused of buying alcoholic beverages from the Alko shop in Oulu and afterwards selling the products at higher prices to alcoholics, reported the Finnish language daily Iltasanomat.
The matter was placed before the court on Thursday.
The man became familiar at the Alko shop in two years. His actions had aroused curiosity, which subsequently brought his actions to the attention of the police.
According to the Iltasanomat, the man did not steal anything from the Alko outlet. However, he used to buy a number of half a litre Koskenkorva brand of spirit with an alcohol content of 30 per cent.
The prosecutor said the man had bought 700 bottles of Koskenkorva and sold it to alcoholic persons for 20 euros, which is about 50 per cent more than the price of the brand at Alko outlets.
According to the prosecutor, the suspect made about 6,650 euros from the illegal scheme.
About 27 litres of Vodka Dworek with 37.5 per cent alcohol content was seized from the man.
The man admitted to having sold a hundred bottles of alcoholic beverages.
The prosecutor called for a 10-month imprisonment to be handed to the man for aggravated alcohol offences. The prosecutor also demanded that the man return the money gained from the sale of the alcoholic products.
The court will issue its verdict on September 8.
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