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Mon, 12 Sep, 2016 12:49:46 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sep 12
The FRA chairman, Mikko Savola. File Photo Lehtikuva.
The Finnish Reservists Association (FRA) has declared its readiness to provide military training assistance to Sweden. 
Sweden is considering the introduction of a selective compulsory military service in 2019.
The FRA chairman, Mikko Savola, also a lawmaker of ruling Keskusta pointed out that Finland had an important role in improving the defence capability of Estonia after the country regained its independence. Finland can now provide similar assistance to Sweden.
“It will take several years before Sweden has regained wartime efficiency for its ground forces. The situation is similar to Estonia, which had to build its defence largely from scratch in the 1990s,” Savola said.
He estimated that association membership would grow along with the development of Swedish defence capability.
“The FRA has plenty of know-how, which would benefit the Swedes in this situation. We have a great deal of voluntary reservists on offer for various training and consulting for our western neighbor,” Savola added.
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