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Wed, 14 Sep, 2016 01:32:24 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sep 14
Anneli Auer. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Anneli Auer is continuing her fight with the state for more compensation, Auer told news agency STT through email.
The state treasury last week granted over half a million euros as compensation to Auer for her suffering and loss of income. According to the compensation, Auer sat behind bars for 611 days while presumed innocent.
The state treasury offered her compensation of 800 euros per day for suffering, while Auer her-self demanded 2,500 euros per day, a compensation totalling more than three million euros.
“The demanded amount remains the same, but the reasoning has been extended and clarified,” Auer said on Tuesday.
Auer was suspected in the murder of her husband in the so-called Ulvila murder case. However, the court found her not guilty.
Auer was disappointed with the state's offered compensation. She said that she lost all of her possessions and source of income due to the court cases.
“My employment opportunities are weak both in my own company and elsewhere, due to, among other things, the wide publicity the cases received. The compensation matters financially [to me],” Auer said in her email.
Auer's husband was murdered at their family home in Ulvila, western Finland, in December 2006. The murderer still remains unknown, according to media reports.
Auer had been suspected of killing her husband. In December 2013, she was sentenced to life imprisonment by Satakunta District Court.
Auer appealed, and the Vaasa Court of Appeal found in February 2015 she was not guilty of murder, and she was released in mid-2015 after serving 611 days in prison.
The case, together with its dramatic details, has become a hot topic in Finnish media for nearly a decade.
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