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Sun, 25 Sep, 2016 12:10:24 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Sep 25
Prime Minister Juha Sipilä spoke at the anti-racism rally at Kuopio on Saturday. Photo Lehtikuva.
Prime Minister Juha Sipilä on Saturday said the government will bring amendments to the laws pertaining to activities of extremist organisations.
Talking to the national broadcaster Yle and speaking at an anti-racism rally in Kuopio, the prime minister said the government will hold a press briefing on Monday to disclose the decision in this regard.
He said the matter had been examined under Interior Minister Paula Risikko for a week.
Similarly, Finance Minister Petteri Orpo expressed the hope that the government will decide on Monday its objective of prohibiting violent extremism and its symbols.
“The problem, that is violence, hate speech and racism, cannot be made completely to disappear by legislation, but prohibiting them through legislation is a strong signal from the society that we do not accept them,” said Orpo, also the chair of the Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party), one of the components of the three-party alliance government, at a party meeting.
After the government decision in principle, Interior Minister Paula Risikko will continue with inquiry to determine what would be needed for the legislation banning violent extremism and its symbols.
Extremism and racism have been the burning issues in the country during the recent period, particularly after the death of a man at the Helsinki Railway Station Square.
A passer-by was beaten up outside the Helsinki Central Railway Station where the Finnish Resistance Movement (SVL) was holding a demonstration on September 10. The victim succumbed to his injuries at the Helsinki Meilahti hospital on September 16.
In addition to legislation, other measures to prevent the breeding of racism are needed. “There is a need for rise of large moderate groups to defend the Finnish open society, action in schools and work with marginalised young people,” Orpo added.
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