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Wed, 28 Sep, 2016 02:01:28 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sep 27
Refugee at a reception centre. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Five refugees reportedly committed suicide in the country’s reception centres since October last year, sources at the Immigration Service said.
There has been a total of 15 to 20 suicide attempts in reception centres since October 2015, said a section head at the Immigration Service, Olli Snellman.
“We have compiled our information from notifications sent from reception centres,” Snellman said.
Snellman pointed out that the Immigration Service’s figures are indicative but not necessarily absolutely accurate.
Until now, the Immigration Service has not kept the statistics on suicides. 
In the future, however, Snellman said, the agency will maintain more accurate information.
Snellman pointed out that reception centres have existed for a long time in Finland, and that there have also been suicide attempts in previous years.
“From last October to today, the reception centres have housed more than 40,000 different refugees, and [suicide attempts and actual suicides] should reflect that. It is not very common, but each instance is infinitely sad and unfortunate,” said Snellman.
The staffs at the reception centres have been trained on preventing and controlling suicides. 
For example, last summer, the general mental health guidelines were given and guidance was offered to support the clients’ everyday lives in reception centres.
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