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Thu, 06 Oct, 2016 12:08:21 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 6
Trial against the leader of the Cannonball motorcycle gang. File Photo Lehtikuva. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The Helsinki District Court on Wednesday framed charges of economic crimes against the leader of the Cannonball motorcycle gang and five of his accomplices.
According to the prosecution, the leader, together with the other accomplices, bought an insolvent construction company using a person who served to disguise the real buyers. 
They are suspected of milking the company of more than 200,000 euros and other assets before the company’s bankruptcy. 
The bankrupt company’s debts amounted to just under 370,000 euros more than its assets.
The operations are suspected of causing damage to the company’s creditors.
The leader of the Cannonballs and one of his accomplices are accused of aggravated fraud and criminal registry entries while the other four are accused of, among other things, abetting the aggravated fraud.
The prosecution believes the gang boss and his accomplices, among other things, moved funds into the accounts of the accused. 
The accomplices are suspected of handing the money over to the main suspect for a cut.
The suspected crimes took place in 2014.
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