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Wed, 02 Nov, 2016 02:58:58 AM
Security in Baltic region
FTimes- STT-Xinhua Report, Nov 2
President Sauli Niinistö and his Latvian counterpart Raimonds Vejonis at a joint press conference in Helsinki on Tuesday. Photo Lehtikuva.
The presidents of Finland and Latvia on Tuesday underscored the importance of continuing dialogue with Russia even under the prevailing tense situation.
President Sauli Niinistö at a meeting with his Latvian counterpart Raimonds Vejonis in Helsinki welcomed the presence of the military alliance NATO in the Baltic States.
“We in the Baltic Sea area are now facing increased tensions, and that is not good for anybody,” Niinistö told a press conference after the meeting.
He said NATO’s presence in the Baltic region and Poland is important to ensure the security of the area.
Vejonis said open dialogue with Russia is essential to increase transparency and predictability, as well as to avoid misunderstanding.
In addition, Vejonis underlined the significance to strengthen cooperation with NATO and the European Union, as well as the other Baltic and Nordic countries.
Niinistö reignited the debate surrounding the granting of dual citizenship. He pointed out that Finland currently grants dual citizenship to people of all nationalities.
In many other countries, however, dual citizenship is granted to only nationals whose own countries accept dual citizenship.
According to Vejonis, Russians living in Latvia have to choose between Russian or Latvian citizenship.
Vejonis was the third Baltic president visiting Finland within a month, following the presidents of Lithuania and Estonia.
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