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Tue, 08 Nov, 2016 12:01:14 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 8


The Pirkanmaa District Court on Monday sentenced three young men to imprisonment in differ-ent terms for robbery and assaulting an elderly man in Sastamala.

The court stated that the group broke into the home of a 73-year-old man, beat him and robbed him.

The principal perpetrator was sentenced for, among other things, aggravated violation of domes-tic peace, aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.

His two juvenile accomplices were convicted of aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. They were sentenced as juveniles.

The aggravated assault charge came from, among other things, a pole shoved into the victim's backside. The court, however, did not consider this as rape.

“While they laughed as they pushed the pole in his backside, they were, to some extent, embar-rassed and disgusted with their actions. Nevertheless, the act did not seem to have any sexual target, but rather, they did it with the goal of hurting the defendant,” the court ruled.

The court, however, held the act to be cruel and outrageous.

“This act of cruelty occurred as the defenceless elderly victim lay on the floor. In addition, the act was degrading and humiliating, and therefore is considered aggravated,” said the court.


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