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Wed, 09 Nov, 2016 12:06:26 AM
SAC rules on a child’s residence permit
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 9


The Supreme Administrative Court in a case has ruled that consent of both the parents is not required for renewing the residence permit of a child based on family ties.

The child had been living in Finland with a residence permit. But, following the divorce of the parents, the police did not renew the child’s residence permit, because the mother did not visit the police station to give her signature.
The Western Uusimaa Police Department rejected the application on the grounds that both the parents were the child’s custodians and that the police department were not convinced of the authenticity of the mother’s signature.
The Supreme Administrative Court overturned the decision of the police department and the Administrative Court and returned the matter to the police department.

“The Aliens Act does not prescribe any condition that the parents who are the child’s guardians should sign together the application for granting a minor a residence permit,” said the Supreme Administrative Court in a statement.

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