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Mon, 21 Nov, 2016 12:08:29 AM
FTimes Report, Nov 21
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The project to improve the Highway 4 at Rovaniemi has completed before the stipulated renovation schedule. 
Thanks to the renovation, road traffic in central Rovaniemi will now be more fluid and safer. 
Safety of pedestrians will be enhanced as well, reports the Transportation Agency.
The undertaking to repair the two and a half kilometre road segment from south of the Rovaniemi town centre to Oijustie was launched in the summer of 2014. 
Streets, pedestrian ways, roundabouts as well as 11 bridges and overpasses were built and repaired under the project. 
The City of Rovaniemi has also repaired the streets and their connections in the area.
The work was completed by the end of October. Altogether, the construction went faster than anticipated and all the ways were already opened to traffic in the autumn.
“The project involved a section of the road that witnesses heavy traffic. There was a specific effort to minimise the troubles for the ongoing traffic during the work. The Transportation
Agency used the social media channels to guide the road users. In particular, Facebook has proven itself to be a very effective channel of communicating the daily changes in traffic arrangements and talking with the local citizens,” the project manager, Keijo Heikkilä told the Finnish language daily Lapin Kansa.
The fundamental repairs ended up cheaper than it was estimated. Two million euros were left unused out of the 25 million euro budget. 
The money has already been returned to the state.
The highway under heavy traffic will receive its final pavement in the summer of 2018.
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