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Sunday, 01 October, 2023
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Mon, 21 Nov, 2016 12:09:14 AM
Int’l Day of Children’s Rights
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 21


Family and Social Services Minister Juha Rehula submitted an apology on Sunday to those who have been mistreated under child protective services over the decades.

The minister submitted the apology on International Day of Children’s Rights observed by the United Nations.

Pusula resident Sirpa Palm, 46, who was mistreated as a child in foster care said she did not participate in the ceremony, because she thinks that an apology is not enough.

“It’s totally inadequate. Many people’s lives have been ruined. They want concrete action,” said Palm.

She would like to see monetary compensation added for those neglected in foster homes under the first child protection law.

Monetary compensation was demanded from the government during parliament’s comment time on Thursday.

Palm said, for example, he did not receive an education.

“When I got home, I was simply confused. No one told me that I needed to go to school,” she added.

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