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Mon, 30 Jan, 2017 08:23:02 AM
Mayor to walk to downtown meetings to keep city green
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Rovaniemi City policymakers have taken a number of moves to keep the city green and pollution-free.
Some of them have already announced their climate promises in different ways and urged similar initiatives from the city residents, reported the local media.
In addition to declaring initiatives, the decision-makers are also considering more effective measures for reducing greenhouse gas emission.
As a part of the initiative, Rovaniemi City Mayor Esko Lotvonen has promised to walk to all the meetings to be held within the city centre while the chair of the city corporation’s Environment Committee, Reijo Sulasalmi promised to separate wastes better than in the past and change his lighting to LED lamps.
The head of environment supervision at the City of Rovaniemi, Erkki Lehtoniemi plans to use masonry oven for preparing food to reduce carbon emission.
The City of Rovaniemi drew up the environment programme and the climate guide in 2011 with the view to keep the city green and make the environment free of pollution.
Even at that period, the climate guide emphasised the city dwellers to carry out small climate actions in their daily life.
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The city residents may visit the website where they can submit their own climate promises in the section titled “What can you do to reduce greenhouses?” The promises can be submitted until March 31, 2017. The answers will be assembled on the website.
The environmental monitors will accord awards for a few interesting promises, city sources said. The awards may be based on, for instance, the best, the funniest, practical, and likewise.
The idea of climate promises was submitted by Jaakko Portti on September 19, 2016, after he had submitted the initiative to the city council.
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