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Thursday, 06 October, 2022
Wed, 22 Oct, 2014 09:42:08 PM

Finland expresses interest in helping Sweden with underwater search
The Finnish Defense Minister, Carl Haglund said that Finland is interested in offering help to Sweden with its underwater search, if Sweden asked for it, reported Finnish ... details
Wed, 22 Oct, 2014 12:15:31 AM
Unemployment rate ups to 8.2% in Sept
  The unemployment rate has increased in the country in September though more people were employed during the period compared to the corresponding period in the last year.   According to Statistics ... details
Wed, 22 Oct, 2014 12:01:27 AM
The Helsinki District Court on Tuesday accorded the prosecutors additional time to come up with a case against Jari Aarnio, the former head of Helsinki police drug unit. The Helsinki District Court also ruled to ... details
Wed, 22 Oct, 2014 12:33:57 AM
The Swedish model of a single government agency would not suit Finland, said a working group charged with evaluating the need for reforms in the government in its interim report. The parliamentary committee in the report submitted to Transport and Local Government Minister Paula Risikko said a survey conducted by it also has found no support for the Swedish model.   The idea to have a single government agency was brought up by Risikko’s predecessor Henna Virkkunen a year ago. The model would not be appropriate and sensible for the country, remarked Tapani Mäkinen, chair ... details
Wed, 22 Oct, 2014 12:03:18 AM
Public transport fares in the capital city region will be substantially increased. According to the Helsinki City Transport-HKL, which runs public transport in the capital city, fare rates will ... details
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