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Tuesday, 27 September, 2022
Sat, 01 Jun, 2013 02:02:24 AM

Danske Bank to close 37 branches in Finland
    One of country’s largest banks, Danske Bank, previously known as Sampo Bank, has decided to close down nearly half of its branches in Finland.   The Bank authority said a ... details
Sat, 01 Jun, 2013 01:09:29 AM
Colder weather likely from Sunday
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  The temperature increased further in Lapland reaching the area’s record highest on Friday following continued scorching heat during the entire week across the country.   The Meteorological Institute recorded 30.5 degree Celsius temperature ... details
Sat, 01 Jun, 2013 02:45:57 AM
    The Housing and Communications minister, Pia Viitanen on Friday said that the initiative for removal of mobile phone roaming charges in European Union taken by the Commissioner, Neelie ... details
Sat, 01 Jun, 2013 03:12:14 AM
    A court on Friday accused a physician and two nurses of a hospital for their negligence in duty, which caused death of a patient.   The Central Ostrobothnia district court convicted the doctor and the nurses and awarded financial punishment as it observed that their negligence resulted death to 16 years old girl in 2010.   The girl was taken to the hospital after drinking glass cleaner containing methanol.   She died in the hospital after two days of the incident.   The court observed that the hospital staff did not take necessary measures quickly at that time.   The doctor was fined his ... details
Sat, 01 Jun, 2013 12:05:56 AM
Indian authorities have rejected Nokia's appeal that the company provided rästiveroista, news agency STT reported on Friday quoting Reuters. India's tax authority requires Nokia 21 billion rupees (280 million euros) taxes, which ... details
Finland a forerunner in electronic health care information
June 1
The Husby face of Sweden
Anisur Rahman writes from Sweden, May 30
Health and equity must be taken into account in all policy-making
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the National Institute for Health and Welfare inform
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