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Monday, 21 August, 2017
Thu, 23 May, 2013 12:04:00 AM

Parliament agrees to control moulding
  The parliament on Wednesday reached a consensus to bring moulding under control.   The House took the decision after reviewing an Audit Committee report in which the committee chairman, Tuija Brax, pointed out ... details
Thu, 23 May, 2013 12:02:18 AM
3 fall sick from food poisoning
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  Three people are suffering from food poisoning after taking Rainbow frozen vegetable products marketed by the SOK group.   They were admitted to hospital reportedly in a critical condition.   Meanwhile, the Finnish ... details
Thu, 23 May, 2013 01:59:49 AM
  Income differentials in Finland are still lower than the European average, even though the earning gap grew rapidly in the late 1990s, according to a Statistics Finland report.   The ... details
Thu, 23 May, 2013 12:02:56 AM
  Postal and logistics company Itella is set to terminate a total of 183 personnel including 147 in Finland from its expert and administrative sections.   The company took the decision on ... details
Thu, 23 May, 2013 01:41:23 AM
  A man died as he jumped from a balcony of a building to avoid arrest by police in the Töölönkatu area of Helsinki on Wednesday.   Police and eyewitness said the incident took place in the morning when patrol police rushed to the apartment of a building, hearing noise from its fifth floor where a man and a woman resided.   They said the patrol team at the same time received a piece of information that two men had fallen on the patio of the building.   One of them was already dead and the other was taken to hospital ... details
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