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Thu, 04 Jul, 2013 12:00:42 AM
FTimes-STT Report, July 4
File picture: Fish in a helsinki market, Photo Lehtikuva
The consumption of domestic fishes among the Finnish people declined during the recent years,
according to a statistic of Finnish Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL).
The supply of domestic fishes in the market was only one-third of the total fish consumption while the rest were fulfilled by imported fishes in the year 2011.
Institute sources said that the ration of domestic fish consumption is further declining gradually.
The local fish traders, however, are not frustrated over huge consumption of imported fishes as they believe that the demand of domestic fishes will remain high in the market due to its taste.
Still the people want to buy the domestic fish first as they are fresh and tasteful compared to the imported fish, Markku Törrönen from Inland Commercial Fishermen's Federation said.
RKTL research chief Päivi Eskelinen said that it would be hard to make the fish industry profitable, if the local traders fail to get benefit from there.
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