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Thu, 15 Aug, 2013 03:55:00 AM
FTimes-STT Report, August 15
Photo - Lehtikuva
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Wednesday withdrew the ban on Salmon fishing in the North Bay.
The authorities slapped the prohibition on July 23 as Finland’s quota for catching Salmon fish in the North Bay was being filled too rapidly. 
The authorities said the ban had slowed down the pace of fishing and expected that the quota now would be filled in time – by the end of the season.
Sources in the ministry said that on Wednesday 80 per cent of the quota stipulated by the European Union had been filled. 
Salmon fishing in the bay, however, had remained uninterrupted, said sources. 
The European Council sets quotas for its member states, specifying the numbers of Salmons to be caught from the North Bay every year. 
The quota for Finland has been set at 35,000.
Meanwhile, production of Salmon fishes is expected to be higher in the rivers of the country. 
Earlier, the Finnish Fisheries Research Institute predicted that a huge number of Salmon fishes will be produced in the Simo and Tornio rivers this year and the fishes would be bigger than normal. 
Fishes in the Simo River have indeed been larger in size than normal and the biggest Salmon found so far was about 135 centimetres in length and weighed around 25 kilograms. 
The Institute said more than 3,000 fishes had returned from the sea to the Tornio River within a month while hundreds returned to the Simo River. 
Last year 61,500 Salmon fishes were produced in the Tornio River and 3,630 Salmons in the Simo, Institute sources said, adding that 15,200 fishes were caught from the Tornio and 100 from the Simo.
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