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Sat, 09 May, 2015 12:10:21 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, May 9


 A dairy company has recalled all milk produced on Thursday, due to bacterial contamination, Finnish media reported on Friday.

     Some of the milk produced on May 7 by Satamaito, a dairy company in Pori, western Finland, was found containing enterobacter, a kind of bacteria found in human and animal faeces. The bacteria can cause digestive problem and infections.

     Some 50,000 to 100,000 liters of milk were pulled from shelves in grocery stores in Finland on Friday.

     Satamaito's CEO Jarmo Oksman was quoted as saying that the bacteria was found in the company's production line.

     According to Oksman, all production of the company was suspended on Friday for investigation.

     Founded in 1982, Satamaito is a Pori-based cooperative company owned by 210 dairy farmers. Its annual production capacity is 45 million liters of liquid dairy products and turnover is over 40 million euros

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