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Sun, 16 Aug, 2015 12:10:26 AM
FTimes Report, Aug 16
Finland’s current account and trade account. Source: Balance of payments and international investment position, Statistics Finland.
Current accounts showed in June 2015 a surplus of EUR 0.6 billion, which was caused by the goods account and the primary income account being in surplus, according to Statistics Finland.
The 12-month moving total of the current account was EUR 1.5 billion in deficit. In balance of payment terms, the goods account was EUR 0.4 billion in surplus in June.
Exports of goods amounted to EUR 4.7 billion and imports to EUR 4.2 billion in June. The primary income account was EUR 0.4 billion in surplus as per the data.
Financial assets grew by EUR 13.4 billion and financial liabilities by EUR 11.7 billion in June 2015, resulting in net capital outflow of EUR 1.7 billion.
Assets increased most in the category of other investments, which includes loans and deposits.
The net international investment position was EUR 11.8 billion at the end of June 2015. During the time, Finland had EUR 755.0 billion in foreign assets and EUR 743.2 billion in foreign liabilities.
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