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Home BUSINESSMcDonald's to shut down several outlets in Finland
Mon, 02 Nov, 2015 12:00:34 AM
FTimes- Xinhua Report Nov 2
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The world largest fast-food chain McDonald's has announced that it plans to close several outlets in Finland this autumn, reported Finnish national broadcaster Yle on Sunday.
     McDonald's said that it has a plan to shut down seven of its restaurants in different places of Finland. Four of them have already closed, and the other three will be shut down in the next few weeks.
     Heli Ryhanen, communication director of McDonald's Finland, told Finnish media that one of the reasons is the intensified competition, as, for example, the native fast-food chain Hesburger has expanded steadily in recent years to about 280 outlets in Finland.
     In addition, Burger King, an American fast-food company has also developed rapidly to 20 outlets soon after gaining foothold in Finland in less than two years.
     The other reason, according to the food chain, is the expiration of some of the outlets rental agreements.
     Ryhanen explained that although the fast-food giant's sale figure has been improved slightly, the declines in the previous year were steep. The downturn is reflected now also in Finland.
     McDonald's has operated in Finland for about 30 years. It currently employs 3,200 workers. After the closure, there will be 74 McDonald's outlets still remaining in operation in the country. 
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