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Sun, 08 Nov, 2015 03:12:42 AM
FTimes Report by Yiyun Song, Nov 8

Sijaishaltija, a small company in Rovaniemi, which became the regional winner of the Junior Chamber International Finland’s Productive Idea competition this summer will contest in the national level this month.

The winner for the national level will be announced during the Chamber of Commerce Forum at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on November 26.

JCI Finland has been organizing the Productive Idea competition every year beginning in 1977 in Turku, with an aim to promote business environment by emphasizing the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of innovation.

“This is the first time we participated in the competition and won the prize. In this competition, the juries evaluate ideas and pick up competitors for national competition,” said Heidi Alariesto, founder of the Sijaishaltija company.

In this summer, Sijaishaltija launched a summer job campaign which helped more than 200 young people to find jobs.

“Many young people want to work in summer during school holidays. We interviewed young people and suggested jobs for them. We asked companies to inform us that they needed people and we recommended young people for the positions. We helped young people to connect with employers,” Alariesto said.

According to Alariesto, this is the first year the company organized the summer job campaign for young people.

“We made it easier for companies to find young workers and also easier for young people to find employers. Normally young people need to ask for jobs in many different places. And employers try to choose from few young people,” Alariesto said.

According to Alariesto, outside the summer job campaign, the majority of people it helped are adults of various ages. Job seekers were aged about 16 to 17 years.

The JCI Productive Idea competition was first held at regional level and then at the national level. In regional competitions, juries pick up competitors for the national event and the regional winners are judged in light of the idea that they earlier proposed for the national competition.

Sijaishaltija belonged to Area D, which is in the north and is geographically the largest of the regional areas for the competition. The area includes 15 chambers and more than 900 members. This year, according to Alariesto, there were about 20 suggestions.

Besides this prize, Sijaishaltija has also been given the Youth Action of the Year award by the city.

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