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Sun, 20 Dec, 2015 01:45:29 AM
FTimes Report, Dec 20

Total energy consumption in January to September amounted to 944 petajoule (PJ), which was five per cent less than in the corresponding period in 2014, according to Statistics Finland's preliminary data.  

Electricity consumption amounted to 60 terawatt hours (TWh) that was one per cent lower than one year earlier.

Carbon dioxide emissions of the energy sector decreased by six per cent year-on-year, the statistics show.

Among fuels, the consumption of coal including hard coal, coke, and blast furnace and coke oven gas decreased most in January to September, by 19 per cent.

The consumption of natural gas and peat both declined by 14 per cent. For wood fuels, the drop was seven per cent. The consumption of oil went up by one per cent.

The decrease in the need for heating energy compared with 2014 also decreased the consumption of fuel.

The low price of electricity on the Nordic electricity market lowered the profitability of electricity production, which, in particular, decreased burning-based electricity production.

In January to September, 37 per cent less electricity was produced with condensing power than in the corresponding period last year.

Electricity generated in combined heat and power production also declined by five per cent.

More electricity than one year ago was produced with renewable energy sources, hydro and wind power.

The production of hydro power increased by 25 per cent due to heavy rains.

Plenty of new wind farms have been built in Finland and the production of wind power increased by 107 per cent.

Net imports of electricity decreased by eight per cent in January to September from the corresponding period last year and the imports from the Nordic countries went down by six per cent.

The amount of electricity imported from Russia, in turn, grew by 53 per cent due to the low level in the corresponding period in 2014. Exports to Estonia went up by 43 per cent as per the data.

In January to September, diverse energy products were imported into Finland to the value of EUR 5.9 billion, which was 37 per cent less than one year earlier. Most energy products were imported from Russia, whose share of the value of imports was 61 per cent.

Energy products were exported to the value of EUR 2.7 billion, which was 42 per cent less than one year previously.

The decline in exports was most significant in oil products due to a service shutdown. Most energy products were exported from Finland to EU countries, which accounted for 84 per cent of the value of exports.

At the end of September, stocks of coal amounted to 26 TWh, which was three per cent more than one year earlier while stocks of energy peat were estimated to be around 17 TWh, which was 26 per cent more than one year earlier.

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