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Sat, 20 Feb, 2016 12:02:46 AM
FTimes Report, Feb 20
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The year-on-year change in consumer prices calculated by Statistics Finland was 0.0 per cent in January.
In December, inflation stood at -0.2 per cent.
Consumer prices were raised most in January by increases in the vehicle tax, maintenance charges and hospital fees from one year ago.
Compared to one year ago, the biggest decreases were recorded in the consumer prices of average housing loan interest rates, subscriptions of periodicals and electricity.
From December to January, consumer prices changed by -0.4 per cent, the data show.
The rate of inflation in the euro area was 0.4 per cent in January, according to the preliminary data on the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices.
In December, it stood at 0.2 per cent. The corresponding figure for Finland in January was 0.0 per cent as per the statistics.
The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices does not include owner-occupancy, games of chance, interests on consumption and other credits, fire insurance on owner-occupied dwellings or the vehicle tax.

Inflation indicators in Finland, January 2016


  Point figure Annual change (%) Monthly change (%)
Consumer Price Index 2015=100 99,6 0,0 -0,4
Cost-of-living Index 1951:10=100 1898    
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices 2015=100 99,5 0,0 -0,5
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices at Constant Taxes 2015=100 99,4 -0,1 -0,5
Source: Consumer Price Index, Statistics Finland.
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