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Sun, 28 Feb, 2016 12:04:50 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 28
Job seeker at the Employment office in Helsinki. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Justice and Labour Minister Jari Lindström on Saturday said the obligation of the unemployed to accept work will be heightened. 
Talking to the YLE Ykkösaamus (Morning Breakfast programme), Lindström said the current three-month professional protection period may be reduced or completely removed.
“If [the protection] is currently three months, then maybe it will be cut to half of that,” the minister said.
An expansion of the existing employment areas is also under consideration. 
When asked about the calculations, Lindström said it would be better for the government finances, if those who travelled in search of work were better supported.
Justice and Labour Minister Jari Lindström. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The employment offices have begun to send significantly more job offers to the unemployed people. The unemployed are obliged to apply for jobs proposed by the offices, because otherwise they will not receive full unemployment benefits. 
Lindström also maintained that the last government’s position in this regard was the right one.
“As the number of job offers has gone up, the number of professionals not receiving full benefits has increased. I think it is a good direction. After all, it says that the work is on the move,” the minister added.
According to Lindström, unemployment benefits need to be changed so that receiving employment is also worthwhile, even if the salary is lower than earnings-related unemployment benefits.
“We will attempt to shift to this direction to bring more incentivising effects but, at the same time, there would be punishments,” said the minister.
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