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Thu, 14 Apr, 2016 02:04:54 AM
FTimes Report, Apr 14

Turnover generated by service industries grew by four per cent in November to January compared with the respective period one year previously, according to Statistics Finland.

One year before, the turnover went up by three per cent over the same period.

The turnover grew in all main service industries. It grew fastest in administrative and support service activities in the November to January period.

Growth was quieter than one year ago only in information and communications and in real estate activities.

The turnover of administrative and support service activities grew by 7.9 per cent. Of the sub-industries, employment activities grew most, by 16.6 per cent, from one year ago. Growth was also strong in security and investigation activities (+13.9%) and in renting and leasing activities (+10.2%), the data show.

In the last three month period, professional, scientific and technical activities grew by 7.3 per cent year-on-year. Of the sub-industries, advertising and market research, developed fastest and their turnover increased by 8.6 per cent. The development of other sub-industries was also favourable during the examination period, according to the statistics.

Among the main service industries, development was weakest in transportation and storage, where turnover increased by 0.8 per cent from one year ago.

 In the respective period one year previously, the turnover of transportation and storage declined by 1.3 per cent.

Within the industry, the turnover of warehousing and support activities for transportation developed most favourably and grew by 2.1 per cent from twelve months earlier.

The turnover of water transport achieved a 1.6 per cent growth, while the growth in road and railway transport was only 0.4 per cent.

Services are here examined exclusive of trade.

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