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Saturday, 25 March, 2017
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Thu, 31 Oct, 2013 04:36:55 AM
FTimes Report, October 31
Speaking at the meeting of the Nordic Council in Norway’s Oslo, the Finnish premier highlighted the prospects of increasing trade among the countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
"I hope that we would be able to examine the possibility of organising joint trade missions for Nordic ministers of foreign trade. The ‘Team Nordic' missions may be helpful in complementing our national concepts for promoting exports, such as Team Finland and Team Norway,” said Katainen, adding that it would streamline the profile and harness the image of the Nordic community with concrete measures to promote the economy.
Meanwhile, on Monday, the opening of day of the council, the Nordic and Baltic prime ministers discussed Japan's active efforts to increase cooperation.
"I welcome this kind of new openings. As the northern countries of Europe, we have promising opportunities for a closer debate with Japan on a number of fronts, including Arctic and economic cooperation, and environmental and energy issues," said Katainen.
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