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Friday, 21 January, 2022
Tue, 19 Apr, 2016 12:01:29 AM
Unemployment benefit reform

Jobless may be forced to switch work field
  Unemployed persons may have to take work in a field outside their own expertise, once the government’s planned reforms to the unemployment benefits come into force.   Justice and Labour ... details
Tue, 19 Apr, 2016 12:08:21 AM
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  The Somali community in the country is concerned about discrimination and racism, said a joint report prepared by the government and a non-governmental organisation.    The community is particularly concerned about the way ... details
Tue, 19 Apr, 2016 01:01:05 AM
Ministry sends draft proposal for comments
  Legal provisions on transport market will be brought together under one act, the Transport Code.    The reform aims to support new service models and better respond to the needs of ... details
Tue, 19 Apr, 2016 12:04:39 AM
  The total consumption of alcoholic beverages decreased in 2015. According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the decline has continued since 2008.   Last year, the reduction amounted to 3.6 percent more ... details
Tue, 19 Apr, 2016 12:03:41 AM
Unemployment benefit reform
  The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) has downplayed restricting unemployment benefit conditions, saying the measures will not generate new jobs in the current employment environment.   SAK is surprised that ... details
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