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Sat, 04 Jan, 2014 04:05:14 AM
FTimes-STT Report, January 4
Nordea Bank, Nummela Nordea branch. Photo - Lehtikuva.
The District Court of Uusimaa on Friday sentenced a man to two and a half years jail on charge of committing robbery in the Nummela branch of Nordea bank in Uusimaa in mid-November last year.
The court awarded the punishment to Esko Esa Juhani Parviainen, 43, as allegations brought against him were proved beyond doubt.
The court also ordered a fine of EUR 8,000 as compensation to the bank employees.
Proceedings in the court revealed that the man masqueraded in a mask along with a pellet gun and took away EUR 25,000 after entering the bank.
The man later fled on a mountain bike, but the police along with dog squad soon caught him and recovered the stolen money after one of the bank employees showed the direction took by the robber.
The man admitted to have committed the act.
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