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Thursday, 19 May, 2022
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Sat, 18 Jan, 2014 03:54:39 AM
FTimes-STT Report, January 18
The Chancellor of Justice of Finland, Jaakko Jonkka, has asked the prosecutor general to press charges against a judge working under the Oulu District Court, after he was suspected of breach of duty. 
According to Jonkka, the judge ruled in a bankruptcy case that was not organized in a session by the office of the District Court.
This happened despite the fact that the company had objected the application for bankruptcy and neither had it consented to the matter to be processed by the office.
The company appealed the decision to the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal implying that the District Court erred in its ruling.
Following a re-examination of the matter, the bankruptcy application was withdrawn and the file was closed but the District Court ordered the company to pay a premium fee to the receiver.
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