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Sat, 18 Jan, 2014 04:01:09 AM
FTimes-STT Report, January 18
A large group of people gathered and squatted in an unoccupied building in the city centre of Tampere on Friday evening, according to police reports.
Police sources in Tampere said about 50 people gathered in Tammela Square at around 7pm and proceeded to Vellamonkatu Street before finally squatting in an unoccupied building located in the street.
The stalemate still continued on Friday evening as police failed to hold successful negotiations.
The group forced their way into the building by breaking the door window panes after being denied entry by a security guard who was watching over the building.
The police reported that more squatters proceeded to the building and as the evening passed about 80 people had gathered inside the building.
Police Inspector Jari Hakala observed that the situation was calm at around 10pm, adding that the squatters had even been cooking something inside the building
The building - an old railwaymen building known as Morkkuna – was also occupied twice in December last year.
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