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Tue, 18 Feb, 2014 03:54:58 AM
FTimes-STT Report, February 18
File picture of Defence Chief Ari Puheloinen. Photo Lehtikuva
The Ministry of Defence on Monday justified the housing support received by the Chief of the Defence Forces, Ari Puheloinen, and said the authority allocated an increased housing support for security and preparedness reasons.
The decision on the housing benefits of the senior leadership in the Defence staff was taken in March 2010 and later extended to June 2012, acknowledged the Ministry.
The special housing arrangement will continue until the retirement of the army chief in August, said the ministry.
Defence Minister Carl Haglund said the recommendation for the elevated rent subsidy was not in force when Puheloinen house was acquired in 2009.
The minister said since the agreement was in force, the housing support could no longer be subject to enumeration or be recovered back.
Ministry will reconsider the appropriateness of continuation of the existing terms and conditions of the rental agreement when the incumbent head of Defence Forces is changed this summer, the minister added.
The Chief of Defence lives in a company housing paid by the Defence Forces in the city centre of Helsinki that costs EUR 3,408.48 per month on the current market rent.
Commander Puheloinen pays EUR 1,744.00 a month in rent to the Defence Force.
Aamulehti, a Finnish-language newspaper reported on February 14 that Puheloinen was granted a higher amount of housing support than stipulated by the Ministry of Defence housing benefit allocation guideline that allows for a maximum of 35% of the total amount.
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