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Tue, 04 Mar, 2014 12:20:55 AM
FTimes-STT Report, March 4
The main gate at the Talvivaara nickel mining company. Photo – Str /Lehtikuva.
A hydrogen sulphide leakage from Talvivaara, the nickel mining company, forced the evacuation of 60 employees on Sunday.
The cause of the leakage was said to be a broken sulphur-feeder pump and an error of measurement, according to information on the company's blog posted on Monday.
No elevated level of the leakage was found outside, and neither was evacuation carried out in the surrounding areas.
Senior investigating officers of the accident published the report on the Talvivaara on Monday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
An employee of Talvivaara died two years ago as a result of inhaling hydrogen sulphide, while in 2010, two workers were exposed to hydrogen sulphide poisoning.
Hydrogen sulphide is used in the process of metal precipitation.
On April 8, 2013, a leak also developed in a gypsum pond of a Talvivaara nickel mine in eastern Finland, forcing the company to shut down mining operations to prevent water pollution by the leakage.
A similar leak was found in November 2012, at a metal factory of the company.
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