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Thu, 13 Mar, 2014 03:49:50 AM
FTimes Report, March 13

Finland is donating €44min humanitarian aid for the world’s worst crises, said a government press release.

The aids directed to acute emergency situations in Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic, and protracted crisis situations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan. 

The aid will be disbursed through the United Nations agencies and various Finnish organisations.

Syria and the neighbouring countries, hit by refugee crisis, is the biggest recipient with inflows of €8.5m.

“In the absence of a political solution to the Syrian crisis, the humanitarian consequences worsen by the day, and almost a quarter of a million Syrians are still under siege without the help they need,” said Haavisto.

“Despite this, humanitarian workers are able on a daily basis to distribute food, water, vaccines and medications to those in need. Healthy children are born in the middle of war, human lives are saved and school-going continues, thanks to humanitarian organisations,” he added.

More than nine million people are in need of emergency assistance in Syria while over 2.5 million have already fled to neighbours.

The outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic has led to a major humanitarian catastrophe. Owing to the poor security situation, civilian population is hiding in the jungle, making delivery of aid extremely difficult. Aid agencies have, however, found ways to provide assistance even outside Bangui. 

The €2.8m will be used to deliver food and health services to those in dire need and to continue education amid the violence.

The aid is largely based on UN’s consolidated appeal for emergency assistance, which in 2014, is an unusually large amount of over €9bn. 

The crisis in Syria accounts for more than half of this amount. A total of 81 million people in different parts of the world are in need of humanitarian aid.

The Finnish organisations through which the aid is provided are the Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Aid, FIDA International, World Vision Finland and Save the Children. 


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