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Sat, 15 Mar, 2014 04:07:39 AM
University authority to tighten security measures in campus
FTimes-STT Report, March 15
A researcher of University of Helsinki was killed when dealing with chemicals in the Institute of Biotechnology Viikki campus on the night of Friday. Photo Lehtikuva
A Researcher of the Helsinki University was killed when he was handling chemicals in the university laboratory early Friday night.
The victim was based at the Institute of Biotechnology at the Viiki campus of the university.
Esa Hämäläinen, the Director of Administration at the University of Helsinki said that the victim had been working as a researcher at the university for many years.
Hämäläinen, however, could not substantiate what chemicals the researcher had been using and also said the time in which the researcher had been working was not unusual.
"Some of the research projects are of the kind whose operations might be required to be undertaken at night," said Hämäläinen.
Photo Lehtikuva
According to Hämäläinen's view such happening is very rare.
Police sources have established that the incident was not preceded by leakage or an accident.
Police are investigating the incident.
Meanwhile, the University administration is planning to revamp the security arrangement at the institution as reported by Iltalehti, a Finnish language tabloid.
The tabloid reported in the morning that a man and a woman are suspected of planning an explosive attack at the university.
Esa Hämäläinen, the Director of Administration at the university did not confirm the tabloid's report but told STT that the police have been informed of such activities.
The Helsinki police is investigating a serious crime against human life and health, which is related against the preparation for crime against the university, according to University website report.
Two persons are held in custody for preparation for crime. There are no further suspects and the danger is over. During their preliminary investigation, the police is investigating the motive for the crime and the activities of the suspects, said the report.
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